Fall 2010
Highlight of the Quarter
1997 Mare imported from Denmark. Rides and drives. Very forward and show ready. Has very fancy dressage movement. One of the few fjords ever to receive 9 & 10s on movement in Denmark and US. Excellent bloodlines, blue ribbon evaluated. Show experience, not a beginner horse.
GVF Meeka
2006 Mare born, raised and trained on GVF. Striking, elastic movement. Nice disposition. Beautiful frame, tremendous gaits. Currently being ridden in dressage. Will start driving over the winter. Lots of potential. This is a very nice athletic mare, She could excel in anything.
PCF Valborg
2002 Mare with lots of experience. Rides and drives single or as a pair. Jumps, trail rides, great with kids. Just an easy going mare with good movement. Would make a solid horse for anybody. Three easy gaits and has show experience.
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Green Valley Farm’s Array of Firsts
When you are a new barn to the horse world, many times you will have countless numbers of "firsts" that arise. Such as having your first foal, attending your first evaluation, receiving your first blue ribbon, etc. Green Valley Farm is definitely not a new barn, we had our first foal over a decade ago, and our first show was back in the nineties! So how could a well seasoned barn have so many firsts arise in just one year? (I am not talking about just blue ribbon kind of firsts either) Green Valley Farm is constantly challenging themselves, setting difficult goals, and somehow achieving them all. Even though we may have been around the block a time or two, we accomplished many "firsts" that we set in our sights back in the spring.

Every journey always has to begin with a goal. Since the Fjord breed only has a few select breed shows a year, it does not allow you to solely chase points within our breed. Therefore if you want to go out and win numerous awards or chase points, you have to compete against all breeds. This year Green Valley Farm set that as one of our goals. Samantha Poirier and Green Valley’s top stallion GVF Sjokolade (better known as Hershey) made their debut in the Open Breed Show world. Little did we know a goal of showing at one open breed show turned into an assortment of horse shows every weekend. Every one of them was open breed.
This past March, Hershey and Sam attended their first Open Breed Show in Hampshire, Illinois. It was an open show with every discipline. This show was one of four series. In order to be high point overall you had to attend all four. Hershey and Sam competed in halter, English, and driving classes. Being the only fjord and stallion there, they came away with impressive results. He became the FVSA 2010 High Point Pony of the Year. Who knew a fjord could compete with a high stepping welsh cob? Or better yet a quarter horse who can canter in place? Our journey did not stop here.
Hershey also participated in American Driving Society (ADS) recognized shows. Many times he was one of a few or the only stallion competing. Green Valley Farm had never taken a stallion to an ADS show before. Another first to tally on the list! We did not only go to one, but four ADS recognized shows this summer. Hershey won the Grand Champion title at the Columbus Carriage Classic, Fox Valley Driving Show and the Hub Club Driving Show. At the Villa Louis Carriage Classic among 14 other veteran competitors, the only stallion, the youngest driver in the division, Hershey was Reserve Grand Champion. He entered and exited the ADS world with a bang. Hershey also graced the summer cover of the NFHR Fjord Herald magazine. This was a proud first for Green Valley Farm, Hershey and Sam.
In between all the driving shows and open breed shows, Hershey and Sam tried their luck in Dressage. This being the discipline that is the most difficult out of them all. Not to mention this was Sam and Hershey’s first dressage show they ended up doing exceedingly well. Riding all training level tests, all first level tests and even a second level test, they never went below the 60s in scores. A couple more firsts to be added onto our list of accomplishments. With all this showing and accumulating firsts, Hershey won his Registry of Excellence award in the middle of it all. Being only six years old, Hershey is the youngest out of Green Valley Farm to have accomplished this award.

Another honorable mention goes to a good friend of ours. Howard frequently rides along as Phillip Odden’s navigator when he competes with his fjord pair in Combined Driving Events (CDE). Howard went with Phil several times this year to highly competitive CDE's around the Midwest. This year Phil was invited to be in a driving demonstration held at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky. This is an enormous first for the fjord breed and of course, Howard and Phil. Phil was among many competitive ponies such as German sport ponies and welsh crosses. As fjords never let you down, Phil and Howard gave them a run for their money! This was quite an honor for Phil and Howard to be asked to represent the Fjord breed at such an elite event like the Equestrian Games. Not to mention he became a highly respected ambassador to our breed. Howard navigated by the tips of his fingers and Phil drove those ponies as if his wheels were on fire. Great job Howard and Phil, you can’t slow down now! This is yet another example of a very accomplished first that happened within our barn.
Hershey was also made a proud Dad again in the early days of July. This is his second daughter with Sterda, we welcomed baby GVF Noka to our Green Valley Team. She is just like her father, determined to be different. She has lots of character and has her daddy’s chocolate color drizzled over her ears, muzzle and coat, which leads down to her black knees and legs. We are proud to keep these exceptional crosses coming our way.
As the show season for 2010 has come to an end, our hard work never slows down. We already have our goals set for the year of 2011. As we await the first snow, we continue to press on. The Green Valley team is as strong as it has ever been and would not be where we are today without the help of every single member. Our array of firsts became memories we accomplished, that fuel us to keep pressing on. We continue as a team to step out on the ledge of “first,” time and time again.


The Green Valley Team
Green Valley Farm Stallions
GVF Sjokolade $1200
86 S1 G4 E, Three Time Grand Champion Stallion

GVF Rolf $1200

Kastanjegardens Fernando $1200
86 1kl, Highest Danish Score, S1 G4 V HOF

Thorvald $1000
85.75 S1 G4 V

Howard & Sophie
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GVF Sjokolade
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